Climbing Walls

http// Awesome Walls, Liverpool

http// Manchester Wall

http// Leeds Wall

http// Rochdale Wall

http// Hull Wall

http// Marple Wall

http// Sunderland Wall

http// Ratho - Edinburgh Climbing Wall - Largest Facility in the World

http// Sheffield The Edge

http// Sheffield The Foundry

http// Mile End Wall, London

http// The Castle Climbing Centre, London

General Climbing Sites

http// Main site for UK climbers - databases, forums, profiles and more.


http// Generally known as "PlanetWorried"

http// Official website of the British Mountaineering Council

http// Leeds Mountaineering Club Website


http// Route Database and lots more


http// Needle Sports - Supurb

http// Nevisport - Excellent

http// Keeping a track on your belongings

http// Cheap climbing holds site. Holds are excellent quality, price is low.


http// Core Muscle Test

http// Some useful artiles and a lot of plugging of his book (Which I've got, and is good)


http// Met Office Homepage - useful weather information!

http// Tendonitis information

http// How to build a home wall


http// Climbing Quotes on the net

http// Impact Force Calculator


http// Petzl

http// Black Diamond

http// Wild Country

http// Beal (Ropes, etc)

Climbers Sites

http// John Dunne's Site

http// Lisa Rand's Site