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Thank you, visitor, for coming to my web site, welcome and  I hope you enjoy your stay.
I will freely admit one of the main reasons for writing this site was to ensure that all the really, really, bad photos of all my friends got an airing, to give out some information concerning my pass-time of on-line gaming and to give myself a bit of experience of writing a web site and of using a few graphics programs.

It has been quite a steep learning curve. When you start using html editors and trying to put together a web site, it all appears a bit daunting. Your first site is merely a collection of text pages and links, and gradually you progress to frames and graphics (and even little animations!). By the time I finished my first site, I had learnt enough to want to do it all again, and make it look a lot better - so I did. This process tends to repeat itself, so this is now the ninth iteration of this site, and it encompasses three other sites within it. I started out knowing no html, no graphics packages and no 3D packages. I am now passable in Photoshop, adequate in Lightwave, and can use html on a really, really good day.

With version 7 I tried to simplify the design and make the whole site more seamless. The previous version (Version IVc) was very identifiable as the three original sites and was heavily frame-based. This caused a lot of problems for friends who were studying/teaching at universities who did not have frame-capable browsers. Hence this version does not use frames. I have plans for a frame-based version of the site but this will have to wait.

Version 9 (this version) has some major changes. Firstly, I have finally bought a domain name, produced some teapot-orientated graphics, and updated a lot of the pages.

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In case you are wondering, the littleteapots come about when I was looking for a domain name. As my appearance was somewhat short and stout (or as my physio put it, "short and wide" - thanks) a little teapot came to mind.

I'm very partial to Smurfs, Wombles and Clangers

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Please look around and enjoy - there is a guestbook which you are welcome to sign, and please let me know about all broken links, display errors, etc, as otherwise I may never know! Equally, if there are any pictures of yourself you feel you would rather not share with the world then let me know that as well.
Long life to all Smurf's, Wombles and Clangers

Death to all Flower-pot Men

Dougal will rule the world if I have anything to do with it.


This site is dedicated to the memory of Paul (Maeleam [HR]).


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